Good Cooking With An Impact.  

Creating a welcoming dinner party for our community is the Gedera Way.

The foundation of good cooking = supporting each other & the planet. When you buy our products, not only are you creating a wholesome, flavourful meal for your dinner table, you’re also joining forces to change the world — one Sri Lankan inspired cooking kit at a time. 

🌏 We are Zero Waste biz! What that looks like:   

Even though the investment is quite high, we are determined not to add to the plastic waste with our products. We are proud to say Gedera & Co. is a Zero Waste Organisation: We ensure ALL our packaging is recyclable or compostable.  

As a budding small business, we are working to extend sustainable methods to all parts of our supply chain. More goodness: Our shipping process is carbon neutral — a hug for the earth! 

 🤎 We’re committed to giving back to our roots: 

By using our home cooking kits, you’ll be making a positive impact on the lives of small-time Sri Lankan farmers. 

We source all our high quality ingredients from Sri Lanka in small batches. Not only that, we’re committed to improving the living standards of small farming communities in Sri Lanka. How? We buy directly from small farmers and pay a fair & above market price.  

🌈 We are a Community First business, meaning:    

We’re a small team, but we are committed to representing and employing women, people with disabilities, and people of color as we grow. In Australia, only 49% of people with disabilities can find employment. Our vision is to create an organisation where gender-, ethnic-, & neuro- diversity has a seat at the table! 

  • Inviting.

    For any level of cooking chops! Our meal kits are designed to be consistently good, with precise, easy to follow instructions.

  • Quality Goodness.

    No nasties here; only quality, all-natural, nothing-processed ingredients! We do not use fillers or preservatives.

  • Rooted in Heritage.

    Our Sri Lankan-inspired recipes are handed down through generations of amazing Sri Lankan women cooks, all with a modern fusion flare.

  • Family Togetherness.

    Life happens around the dinner table. Food is a meaningful anchor for blood & chosen family to come together, share laughs, and warm memories. 

  • Equity & Diversity.

    We work directly with Sri Lankan small-time farmers, and our team is made of people with disabilities, people of color, & women.  

  • Sustainability.

    We are proud to be small batch, compostable / recyclable, & zero waste organisation and hope to extend this to our whole supply chain.