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Turn every night into a dinner party, with Gedera & Co. Home Cooking Kits! 

 We’re on a mission to make hassle-free Home Cooking Kits — so you can cook delicious, authentic Sri Lankan-inspired food like a pro.  

✨ Maybe you’re a busy person looking for a fun, easy-to-prep weeknight meal (so you don’t have to eat boring leftovers!)  

 ✨ Or maybe you’re craving your grandma’s Fish Ambul Thiyal (baked sour fish), but can’t find the right ingredients at the market

With our Home Cooking Kits, all the spices & aromatic bits you need to create authentic Sri Lankan food are at your fingertips — just add your fresh ingredients & we’ll do the rest!   

Inspired by the togetherness of the family table, we bring the wholesome goodness of Sri Lankan flavours straight to your Aussie kitchen. Our all-natural, convenient home cooking kits are rooted in Sri Lankan recipes (with a modern twist!) and are made with equity & sustainability in mind.  

Let’s get cooking!   

  • 🥘 Why Home Cooking Kits?

    We both know it’s a hassle to find Sri Lankan ingredients readily available at the market! Sometimes, you have to go to multiple stores to find the right ingredients (like pandan leaves), buy bulk quantities that might go bad, or maybe the ingredients don’t exist where you live. We're here to solve that, with ease & fun!

  • 🍅 How To Use Home Cooking Kit:

    Our all-in-one, vegan Home Cooking Kits include the spices, powders, and aromatic you need — perfectly measured out, every time! — for a Sri Lankan inspired meal. Just follow the easy instructions included in the box and add your fresh ingredients (meats + veggies). Every meat recipe can be substituted with plant-based proteins.  

  • 🥣 Our Technique:

    Each of Gedera & Co.’s signature recipes is mixed with the expertise & confidence of generations of Sri Lankan women chefs. We’ve spent years testing & perfecting the blends, so each ingredient is harmoniously balanced. Our small batch technique guarantees quality, freshness, and preservation of flavour. 

On Sri Lankan Cuisine

Finding authentic Sri Lankan food in Australia is like searching for a unicorn. It's not that Aussies don't appreciate the unique spices and vibrant dishes of Sri Lankan cuisine, it's just that recreating that magic in a home kitchen can be a challenge.  From sourcing traditional ingredients, to mastering the intricate techniques, it's no wonder that finding truly authentic home cooked Sri Lankan food is like finding a needle in a haystack. That’s why at Gedera & Co., we're here to bring the taste of Sri Lanka's aromatic curries and fiery sambols right to your kitchen.

We hope you join us at our dinner table!