An Ode to Ammis (Moms) Everywhere

AT THE GEDERA TABLE No. 4: Happy Mother's Day! 

Hi all,

‘Mom’ is part of everything we do at Gedera & Co. Quite literally, we have a cooking kit called Mum’s Fish Curry based on my Ammi’s mouth-watering fish curry recipe! On a DNA level, Gedera & Co. is a love letter to the moms whose irreplaceable home cooked meals heal all invisible wounds.  

I am fortunate to have learned how to cook alongside my mum, growing up in Sri Lanka. When I moved to Australia, I was certainly homesick, but I also had this treasure box of recipes in my head to channel the nourishment and warmth of Home.

These recipes have been passed down to me from my mum, from her mum, and generations into the past. How awe-inspiring is that?! And now I get to bring these flavours to Gedera & Co. and share them with you.

Ammi is my biggest role model and inspiration. She was a trail blazer in breaking the glass ceiling in the 60’s and shows me that women can have it all. She has a PhD, had a full-blown career while raising me and my sister, is a talented cook, and has seen and experienced so many things throughout her life. I’m so blessed my daughter gets to learn from her, especially cooking traditions and secrets.

Gedera & Co. is also a love letter to the moms who are juggling it all, while fulfilling the challenging but rewarding role of Mom. I see you! I’m a mother of two and know that sometimes we need a fairy godmother in the kitchen to do our weekly meal prep.

I hope our Home Cooking Kits can be a kitchen companion, for those days where making something from scratch seems too exhausting. For those days where you open the pantry & freezer and see that you at least have an onion and some chicken thighs to make something easy, delicious, and nutritious for dinner.

Happy Mother’s Day! Sending love to all the mums out there!



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